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'One small step for man is one giant leap for mankind' - Neil Armstrong.

It's the inspiration that drives Giant Leap, a life changing initiative by a team of enterprising professionals aspiring to inspire life. Giant Leap, a transformation company, is into soft skills training for professionals of corporate and business establishments. Strongly believing that you have the capability to push limits and expand horizons, Giant Leap works as a catalyst facilitating you to reach your destination in the shortest and most efficient way. A path that is sure to be thought provoking and truly satisfying. Passionately committed to this life changing initiative, every trainer at Giant Leap with rich experience goes beyond the call of duty to create an environment to transform you, beyond your expectation. Come, get the life changing experience of a giant leap in your life. After all, it is a small step today that is sure to make the big difference to you in life, tomorrow.

Vision To be the leading company in soft skills Training, Coaching and Counselling bringing about positive transformation in lives. Mission To create a positive impact in one's life, by creating an environment for you to transform, to progress and to prosper faster.
Training !

We provide training to corporate and colleges. Our training programs are designed for professionals of corporate companies, business establishments and college students ...

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Coaching !

It's a powerful conversation between a coach and a client. Just like coaching in any arena - sports, arts, music where a coach helps his ward to perform better. Similarly in life coaching, a coach helps you to perform better in some key areas of your life ...

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Counselling in its most simple form involves the process of giving advice or guidance. To seek counsel is to seek the advice, guidance or help of someone by talking about what's wrong or getting assistance in finding solutions to problems ...

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